MedTel Outcomes Role in Global Clinical Trials
MedTel Outcomes understands the issues facing clinical development teams and the pharmaceutical industry in conducting clinical trials. As the size of clinical trials increases, the number of qualified individuals to conduct and manage these trials is limited. There is a great need for the pharmaceutical industry to increase the efficiency with which they conduct trials.
We are aware that subject withdrawals are a major contributor to the cost of a clinical trial. MedTel’s involvement allows the subjects to participate from the comfort and familiarity of their own living environment, and increases subject study completion rates. Outsourcing allows the clinicians, study coordinators and researchers to focus on the areas that require their expertise at the university, hospital, clinic, or physician office level. Telephone assessments significantly decrease costs when compared to face-to-face interviews.
We currently partner with several global pharmaceutical and clinical research organizations to provide cost-effective, comprehensive clinical data collection through telephone assessments. Our 20 years of experience collecting data via telephone interviews, by registered nurses, provides a proven infrastructure for international clinical trials. With MedTel handling over 10,000 patient records per month, we have the expertise and geographic reach required to obtain the maximum completion rate possible for our clients.
MedTel Outcomes’ staff can contact subjects at any and all points of data collection, wherever they are (home, hospital, long-term care) per clinical protocol. We offer data collection in the areas of: Functional Assessment Instruments (FIM™, WeeFIM®, Lifeware®) Quality of Life Instruments (SF-36, EQ5D), Clinical Enrollment, Product Profile, Subject Satisfaction and/or Customized Collection upon request.
When you choose MedTel Outcomes for one of your studies, you can be assured that you will have an experienced partner who will actively assist you in gathering your data efficiently, accurately and professionally. Let MedTel collaborate with you on your next clinical trial, and help you achieve a successful clinical trial!

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