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Let Our Global Expertise...
...Make A World of a Difference
For Your Clinical Trial.
  • Our experienced clinical staff gathers reliable, consistent patient data through telephone interviews.
  • We provide data collection six days a week, 9AM-8PM local calling time. Service also available for weekends/holidays as per study protocol.
  • We have multilingual interpreter services for international sites available, as well as English/Spanish-speaking clinicians.
  • Our obtainable rate has been a minimium 98% in previous global clinical trials.
  • We provide on-site clinical trial coordinator, project manager, clinical manager and IT support.
  • We have experience working with Clinical Research Organizations (CROs), pharmaceutical companies and on-site study coordinators through the various phases of a clinical trial.
  • We have a reporting system available for adverse effects specific to individual clinical trials.
  • Our professional staff collects data on your instrument of choice.