The assessment of patient satisfaction, during the post-discharge telephone interview, is an excellent opportunity to evaluate the impact rehabilitation has had on a patient's day to day life, as well as their satisfaction with follow-up services such as therapy and home health care. Collecting data on patient satisfaction is a necessity for health care providers for:

  • Integration into program evaluation and quality improvement programs

  • Marketing future consumers and referral sources

  • Meeting standards for accreditation

    MedTel Outcomes collects data on overall satisfaction for all patients assessed and provides benchmarked outcomes in our Quarterly Reports. Facilities may also choose to design customized questions to provide feedback on specific areas of satisfaction, with a monthly report provided, or to use other standardized instruments. To view a sample of how a few of our facilities have used their data from MedTel Outcomes to market their outcomes, visit the following websites:

    Parkview Hospital - Acquired Brain Injury Outcomes

    Parkview Hospital - Inpatient Rehabilitation Outcomes

    Parkview Hospital - Stroke Outcomes

    University of Utah - Patient Outcomes (see Inpatient, Brain Injury, Stroke and Spinal Cord Injury links)

    Patricia Neal Rehabilitation Center - Spinal Cord Injury Program

    Seattle Children's Hospital

    Memorial Medical Center

    Memorial Rehabilitation Institute

    Gulfport Memorial Hospital

    University of North Carolina Hospital Rehabilitation Center

    University of Illinois Hospital

    St. Luke's Rehabilitation Institute - Patient Outcomes (see Brain Injury, Spinal Cord and Stroke links)

    Morton Plant-North Bay Hospital Quality Report Card

    Central Arkansas VA Medical Center

    Randall Children's Hospital

    Preventing Rehabiliation Readmissions for Individuals with Stroke

    Kaiser Foundation Rehabilitation Center – Brain Injury Program

    Functional Outcomes of the Acute Ischemic Stroke Patient Population

    Mt. Sinai Medical Center

    Abstract: Rehabilitation and Recovery: An Ongoing Process

    Chicago VA HCS

    Providence St. Peter Inpatient Rehabilitation Outcomes

    St. Mary’s Medical Center

    Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital

    Thomas Jefferson University Hospital

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