MedTel Outcomes provides your facility with user-friendly finished reports and illustrative graphs which may be used to assess and trend your rehabilitation outcomes. The following reports are included in our comprehensive package of services:

Bar Charts
Pie Charts
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Trend Charts

Trend Charts

This report graphically demonstrates trends for a particular facility, in areas such as Average FIMô Score, Percent of Patients in Community, Patients Without Post-Discharge Hospitalization, Percent Mortality Rate, and Average Satisfaction. These charts are extremely significant because they allow a facility to track their progression or regression through each quarter, and over time, giving them the ability to quickly determine their direction.

Benchmarks (and standard deviations, when applicable) are included for all the above graphs. By viewing our colored graphs, facilities are easily able to compare and interpret their facility outcomes to those of other comparable facilities. MedTel Outcomes benchmarks were developed by calculating an average on these key outcomes based on the following criteria:

  1. Use of uniform impairment group codes
  2. Specific discharge to follow-up data collection interval
  3. Type of rehabilitation services (separate benchmarks for comprehensive, or acute, rehab, subacute rehab and pediatric rehab)
  4. Four (4) quarters of data

Many facilities that subscribe to MedTel Outcomes take advantage of our offer to customize their patient interviews by adding five-additional questions at no extra cost. These questions are often designed to capture facility-specific data or data for accreditation. A monthly report is provided to the facility which includes:

  1. A detail report for each completed record with pertinent data, including patient ID, discharge date, follow-up date, age, impairment group, follow-up setting, survey status and responses.
  2. A summary report, graphically displayed, including the written extra questions, scale for questions and response/frequency for each question. Survey statistics are also provided.

Monthly extra question reports are sent electronically in PDF format.  Data is also available upon request.

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MedTel Outcomes Monthly Extra Question Report

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