Level 1 - High Priority/Emergency: the clinician recognizes a potential life-threatening situation and immediately contacts an emergency service. Our office will notify the facility with a phone call.

Level 2 - Intermediate: information is offered that the clinician determines is not immediately critical to the patient's health but is significant enough that the facility will be notified with a phone call within 24 hours.

Level 3 - Service/Quality Issues: information that is not medical but may concern issues such as services, satisfaction, equipment or billing. Our office will report this information weekly. Our office will upload this information weekly via our Rapid Response report.

Rapid Response System™
Our Rapid Response System is a method for reporting significant patient information, offered to our clinicians during the follow-up assessment, back to the facility for their review. MedTel Outcome's professional staff are trained to respond to the needs of your patients and families and to prioritize pertinent information into three levels:
Rapid Response System is part of our comprehensive package of services for all facilities. We believe our professional staff provides a "personal" aspect to the interview process by assessing the needs and concerns of your patients.

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