Features and Benefits

MedTel Outcomes

In House
Data collection by trained and credentialed clinicians to assure reliable outcomes.
Flexible calling schedule, six days per week (including nights and weekends), for high obtainable rate averaging 88%
Unbiased third party to maintain valid results.
Data entry and database management in a secured environment.
Trending Reports with key outcome data displayed graphically.
National benchmarks for comparison and trending.
Customized questions, specific to your facility, reported in a monthly summary report.
Per completed record charge for accurate budgeting.*

*To estimate your annual costs with MedTel Outcomes, determine 88% of your average yearly discharges x our completed record cost. It's that simple. Cost comparison available upon request.
Benefits and Services
Our comprehensive package of services is currently available to all facilities using the FIM™ instrument, IRF-PAI and WeeFIM® instrument for a per completed record charge. A list of services available for other standardized, as well as customized, instruments are available upon request.

Services for subscribing facilities include:

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